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Fresh Line

White wines from aromatic varieties are always selected in the Fresh line, where the mash is subcooled with dry ice and then macerated for 72 hours.

The red wines of the Fresh line express the pure fruity taste of the variety as they mature only in a stainless steel tank.

Authentic Line

The widest range of wines from our winery. It represents our philosophy and everything we have learned about wine.

For white wines, the mash is macerated for 24 hours, the wines are lees stirring, then matured on fine yeasts for at least 5 months. Wines without additives, enzymes, vitamins, tannins and always using autochthonous yeast.

The mash of red wines is left in open vats for 2 months, then the wine is pressed and placed in older barrique barrels for at least 6 months together with fine yeasts. No fining and filtering.

Spirit Line

Spirit means “Living Soul” in the language of ancient tribes. And in this context, the wines of this line are being prepared. Commercially called orange wines, it means the process of producing white wines like red wines – spontaneous fermenting and maturing whole berries for at least half a year. The result is wine with a real living soul. No fining and filtering, no sulfur added.

Iconic Line

The top line of our wines, wines completely exceptional. Wines that we consider to be the most beautiful we can do. Not every year, not a lot. The more iconic these wines are.

Red wines are fermented for 3 months in open vats, then mature for 12 months in older barrique barrels. Minimum sulfur. No fining and filtering.